How far in advance do I need to book a marquee?

It depends on the time of year; normally October and November are very very busy – but in 2021, with most ag. shows cancelled, there are plenty of marquees available at short notice.

In most years, you’d probably need to book six months in advance. In February and March, it’s similar because there are a lot of weddings. If you’re planning a February or March wedding, you should normally book at least six to nine months out, possibly 12, to ensure you get the date and exact equipment you want. Pre Covid, weddings were booked two years out but at the moment we have lots available.

For the December and January period, it's not generally quite as busy. In normal years, you're looking at about three to six months for bookings. We have more availability this year in December and January. For the rest of the year (winter) you're down to a month or two, because not so many people want to get married in winter! So if you have a time in mind, I do recommend getting in touch with us at Johnson and Couzins as soon as possible, so we can reserve your marquee and equipment for your preferred date.

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